Live Stadium Fan Experience at home

Football fans around the globe get connected through a Home Stadium Experience System with innovative lighting and sound ambience techniques 

Sound & light stadium experience

Cheering supporters, encouragement chants and a stadium full of singing fans! That is the atmosphere clubs want to offer to their fans and fans would like to experience. In the 1,5 meters society this is more complicated. With the Home Stadium Experience System, the Clubs can offer their fans an alternative stadium and fan experience. With the support of Philips Hue and Google Assistant we have created a new experience for all the football fans before, during and after the matches.

How does it work?

With our voice controlled Home Stadium Experience System, fans can:


  • ask to play their club lyrics
  • listen to game pre- and post-match reviews generated by the club
  • get close to their players and coach while they making fun during the bus ride or in the dressing room
  • hear stadium sounds & chants
  • hear the stadium speaker during exciting moments in the match
  • be entertained during half time
  • play the football commentary quiz of epic club goals
  • etc


  • Light up their room with club colors after every club goal
  • Make the room green after giving the right answer during the quiz
  • etc

First case study: Dutch football club “PSV” live since April 2020

During the lock down period, PSV launched our Home Stadium Experience System on April 1, 2020. The system is a great success and will remain relevant in the nearby future for the season cards holders and ticket buyers now that the stadiums will not or only partly be opened to the public. And for the fans who can’t or don’t have the need to visit your stadium our product will increase their football club experience at home.

Generate revenue

Google Nest & Philips Hue products

By using only the free Google assistance App on a smartphone your fan can already benefit our system. But a fan can increase the experience by using Google Nest and/or Philips Hue products. After introducing our system to your fans you can start promoting Google Nest and/or Philips Hue products to gain the full Live Stadium Fan Experience at home. By promoting these products you can generate additional revenues. PSV will shortly announce a special Google Nest & Hue offer for their fans.

Sponsored by..

The Home Stadium Experience System also offers an extra communication channel for your sponsors. For example, sponsors can link their name to services on our system. Think of: “The stadium speaker was made possible by…. “.

Benefits Home Stadium Experience System

  • Live Stadium Fan Experience at home
  • Club owned audio content channel
    • In your fan’s living room
    • Present during live games
  • Commercial opportunities
    • Gain revenue’s by selling Google Home & Philips Hue products
    • Additional platform for your sponsors
  • Proven system
    • Successfully launched by Dutch football club PSV
    • Live within 3 weeks!

Contact us for more visuals, use cases, …etc